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The Dirty Works Seasons.

Music written by Steven Crime
DRUMS/backing Vox-B.Riot
Video Footage Bryan Oblivion
Lyrics C.Scum

out there on the highway/got my guitar, my bag and my thumb
Nothing goods coming my way, been so long since I been home
The Devils on my trail, there’s a dark cloud over me
Things will get much worse before it gets any better for me
The Leaves turn brown and tumble so do I

Hiding in a rest stop trying to get out from the rain
Standin’ in a pool of blood, digging for a vein
I think about my mother and the rest of my family
I wonder what they’d think now, If they could see this picture of me
Leaves turn brown and crumble so do I

The Dirty Works Get Wrecked

Get Wrecked- a few different absolute true stories of what I’ve seen and experienced with my drug use as well as others.

VIDEO FOOTAGE-Bryan Oblivion

Get Wrecked

In rehab met a man with one arm/ said I used to shoot up and play guitar/ had a girlfriend that used to share her Dope/But she couldn’t stand life/Blew her heart out with coke
If you try it you’re gonna like
You’re gonna love it/Everybody does it
Everyone’s crying about the war/Crystal meth and Dope kills much more/ Crack baby meth head suicide neglect/ Jr. watched his momma shoot up in the neck
GET WRECKED/ Get St stoned
Strung out/ Party on
Strung out/ Party Time
Is the whole fuckin world strung out on dope/ my brother from Ohio found hanging from a rope
Crack baby meth head suicide neglect/Jr. watched his mamma shoot up in the neck
If you try it/You’re gonna like
Then you’ll love it/everybody does it
GET WRECKED/ Get stoned
strung out/ Party on
who cares/ Everyone dies

This is neither an anti or Pro Drug use song. Just some things I’ve experienced. The DIRTY WORKS don’t preach shit and aren’t tryin to talk anyone in or out of anything!