Sometimes I need a Woman Christopher Scum
Note-Enginered By Carl Snow

Came home to an empty bed/woke up to a pounding head/stayed in the bed ’til 4/then its off to the liquor store/tonight it might be Jim Beam/life’s a lot tougher than it seems/sometimes I need a woman, right now ill settle for a drink/like to take a drink of the memories/all the good days I have seen/Summer turns to winter once again/out in the cold ain’t got a friend/wish I had a bottle of scotch/all alone in my hell I rot/sometimes I need a woman, right now I’ll settle for a drink/Walked in and ordered a beer/bartender said you wont get served here/last night you started another fight/kinda wondered how I got this black eye/so now I’m back at the Liquor store/seems its all I’m living for/sometimes I need a woman, right now ill settle for a drink I wrote this song when I was on the street. Most of the words came to me behind a bar I was banned from that my friends hung out at.

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