Just a short story by me, Christopher Scum.

Rex was in prison. He had no arms and legs. He still had arms when he entered the joint. He met a guard called Byron. He and Byron hit it off so terribly that Byron ended up being the reason Rex lost his arms. He also lost his tongue while the Doctor had him doped up on a drug that resembles the old drug Thorazine, but it leaves the patient much more aware to what’s happening to and around him. It is also known for intensifying pain, which it did. . .

Two round saws chewed slowly through both Rex’s shoulders. He screamed so loud he actually blew his own left eardrum. The worst part of this ordeal was after it was seemingly over. Byron came up and grabbed Rex’s right arm, picked it up and shook hands with the severed arm’s hand.

“What do ya say, we patch things up between us? You can’t be all that bad”, he was laughing, “Sure give a good had job”, he had Rex’s severed arm simulating masturbating with it. While Rex was screaming from pain, rage, fear and insanity, Byron took a straight razor and changed Rex’s scream into a loud gurgled sound, then tossed his tongue across the room, splattering the white wall behind with bright red designs.

This happened a month or so after Rex had entered this hell hole back in 2071. It was now 2096, Rex was going on 50 years old, and he had spent over 20 years in this place, most of it as a total amputee without a tongue.

He got special meals, no meat unless it was canned meat, tuna, or chicken salad. But he had learned how to eat well enough, a lot like an animal. He got sprayed off once or twice a week, sometimes more.

A couple of hours after dinner on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday you’d hear the voices start shouting up and down the row Rex was in. “Log Man”, “Log Man” slowly at first then more urgent, “Log Man, Log Man, Log Man,” before long it was a chant, “LOG MAN, LOG MAN, LOG MAN!”

Finally the guards came for Rex. He squirmed, gurgled and cried a hideous sound a lot like a man choking and screaming through a fan.

He was passed down one side of the hall then back up the other, all the inmates, took sexual release on Rex. They used his mouth or rectum, whichever they chose.

His teeth had been extracted a long time ago after he tried to bite some man’s long, black penis off. He hadn’t even drawn blood, but had stayed in a coma for over eight hours after the beating he received. Rex didn’t think he was going make it through that pounding.

The joke on the row was they were going call in a taxidermist and have the ole’ log stuffed. “All we’d need is a little Vaseline”, Little Dave, another lifer said.

Most of the guys on the row were going back to general population where their real punks, guys that look exactly like women, were housed. The row was for punishment only, few were there permanently. Log Man, Pig Face, and one fellow they all called Crazy Lou were the only permanents.

Inmates were all betting that Ole’ Lou was going to be the next Log Man. He had already attacked two officers. That would get your arms gone in most cases and trying to run away more than once, got your leg taken. Right or left, your choice, but one was coming above the knee.

Three to six months was a common stay on the row, depending on the severity of their screw up.
There was a guy on the row just for mocking a guard. He was there for a month and a half. He was hilarious, kept the whole row in stitches. He never took part in the Log Man antics, except to spit on him and smack his belly, hard at times. He even pissed a little in his face. Teddy, that’s what they called him. He was always yelling down the row “Hey Log Man, how do you wipe yer ass?”

Someone donated Log Man a TV, but Teddy talked one of the crueler guards into setting the channel on one of those Japanese or Korean Home shopping networks lock the channel so no one else could change it. You’d hear Ole’ Log Man gurgling, “Mannal, Mannal”. The guards would just laugh. Those that knew how to unlock the channel wouldn’t, and the one’s that didn’t know just shook their heads and went on. Some guards just gurgled back at him.

Usually after going up one side of the row and back down the other side Rex had about 35-40 takers. Most guys just looked at it like masturbation and got it over as quickly as possible, but some guys were real sadists… kicking, punching, and burning him. One guy, a fellow they called Sarge, always held a lighter on full flame to his dick, balls and especially his asshole. Gurgle, Gurgle!

Then there was Glen, he had about a 17″ penis and there was nothing gentle about the way he rammed it in and pulled out. He also loved to punch the back of Rex’s head and neck.

Glen was last so after him, 2 or 3 guards wearing thick gloves came and got him and threw him in the middle of his own cell. “Someone will be in to spray you off and towel you down”, one of the guards always said.

Sometimes they did, but most time he got to lay on that cold, concrete floor all night bleeding, cum all over him, crying and freezing.

scum speaks

June 27th I lost the most important person in my life, my punk rock Princess. They’re are a lotta people that went above and beyond that I’m trying to thank. George B.,had cloths sent to the hospital as he knew I had walked the interstate Naked until Copter got there. Erik Stewart has always been here, Mark steel. Then all my people from up here in Adams Co, especially my family. My sister has put up with he living here. I’ll be back to K.Town soon and am looking foward to getting back into music.